Developmental Screening and Strategies for Support

This training is now open to individuals!

In Developmental Screening and Strategies for Support, practitioners working with infants, young children and their families will learn how to use the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQs) and how to create a Developmental Support Plan (DSPs). The ASQs are validated screens that are used to determine if the child is at risk for developmental delay, and IEMHP’s DSP resources and templates are a strengths- and relationship-based approach to supporting a child’s development. Hand in Hand is a DSP resource that includes a number of goals and strategies that support practitioners in creating effective and meaningful DSPs to be used by the family to make the most of their child’s rapidly developing brain, while they are waitlisted for more intensive services. How to determine the needs of the child and how to create a DSP will be discussed at length in this training through the ASQ and DSP live coaching sessions.

Registration for Cohort 2

will open in September 2022

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Cost: $450.00 CAD (per person)