Infant and Early Mental Health Core Components Evaluation Tool


Through a collaborative process supported by Kids Brain Health Network and their Implementation Science Support Team, IEMHP identified five infant and early mental health core components for successful embedding of infant and early mental health science, policy, and practice. The following core components need to be in place for an organization, agency, or community to be optimally equipped to support infant and early mental health:

  • Leadership
  • Resources 
  • Skills 
  • Pathways of care 
  • Data collection and analysis

To support organization, agency, and/or community leaders to embed these five core components, IEMHP developed an online self-evaluation tool that aims to identify an organization’s strengths, and which component they may benefit from focusing on next.

This tool, which currently takes the form of an online questionnaire, is in the process of being validated. If you would like to support IEMHP’s efforts to validate this tool, we invite you to be among the first to use the Infant and Early Mental Health Core Components Evaluation tool. Please contact us for more information regarding this opportunity.

Evaluation Tool


We are validating the IEMH Core Components Evaluation tool through:

  • Expert approval (Experts review the tool and their recommendations are included) 
  • Individual user testing (Organization leaders use the tool and provide feedback through cognitive interviewing) 
  • Measurement testing (What the tool aims to evaluate is simultaneously measured in other ways) 
  • Feedback from a wide range of users (Users are invited to fill a feedback survey after they complete the tool) 
  • Evaluation of the tool’s reach, adoption, fit, and effectiveness with diverse communities

Current Progress

  • The tool was submitted to the review of IEMHP’s Leadership Team in 2021. 
  • Leaders from several organizations currently partnering with IEMHP have been invited to test the tool during cognitive interviewing sessions. 
  • The tool is included in organization / community onboarding processes that IEMHP is preparing to implement as part of our other projects. 
  • The tool is currently being followed by a feedback survey for users.

Interested in testing the tool? Please contact us.

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