About Us

Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion (IEMHP) is a national organization which improves outcomes across the lifespan through translating and promoting the science of early mental health into practice with families during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood.


Our Vision

All children, prenatal to age six, have the opportunity to optimize their mental health and wellbeing.


Our Mission

Optimizing infant and early mental health across Canada and around the world.

Our Values



We recognize it takes a village to bring about change, and we place partnerships at the centre of all that we do.



We are trustworthy and transparent. We act responsibly to ensure we are a dependable and respectful service and partner.​



Our approach ensures that the work we undertake can be sustained beyond any short-term funding or partnership.​


Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

We strive to embody the diversity of the people in Canada into our work so that it supports all in a meaningful way.​


Quality & Innovation

We have a culture of continuous learning which allows us to think outside the box to ensure our evidence-based work is as effective as it can be, and meets the highest standards of excellence.​​

Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion, the hospital for sick children

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Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion
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