Infant Mental Health Promotion offers a variety of specialized learning and education opportunities to support multidisciplinary service providers working with infants and caregivers as a means of enhancing quality care. A broad selection of topics relevant to infant mental health are explored including infant maltreatment, pregnancy and addiction, maternal depression, attachment and attachment disorders, temperament and therapeutic interventions for very young children and families. 

IMHP Workshops
Valuable learning and networking opportunities for professionals who work with infants and families. Front line service providers, supervisors, educators, researchers, administrators, advocates, policy makers and anyone concerned with the care of very young children and their families can benefit from IMHP learning experiences.

IMH Community Training Webcast Series
This training is an effective and economical way to integrate Infant Mental Health learning and practice into continuing professional education and staff engagement events. This 15 part training program aims to raise awareness and understanding of the unique needs of infants and toddlers in order to promote healthy social emotional development in the early years and reduce the likelihood of poor mental and physical health outcomes in the later years. 

Expanding Horizons for the Early Years - National Institute on Infant Mental Health
IMHP's bi-annual, two-day national learning event bringing together more than 400 multidisciplinary practitioners, clinicians, academics and researchers to share their work with infants toddlers and families.  This bi-annual event includes keynote presentations from leading infant mental health experts, as well as more than 30 different breakout sessions to choose from.
Article Foundations in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health - Certificate Lecture Series
January 9 - September 30

Foundations in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health - Certificate Lecture Series

Web-based series with experts presenting foundational practice topics for supporting early mental health.