Webcast - Expanding Horizons Symposium A Maternal Substance Use

Webcast - Expanding Horizons Symposium A  Maternal Substance Use

Symposium A

Maternal Substance Use: Impact on Mothers, Infants, and the Caregiving Relationship

Expanding Horizons for the Early Years 2019 Pre-Institute, April 10, 2019

While we know that prenatal exposure to opioids and other substances undoubtedly has an influence on child outcomes, practitioners often have less clarity about how to support affected infants and their mothers, and promote a secure parent-child relationship environment. This symposium will explore key elements for awareness and sensitivity required to support families through this challenge and promote best possible outcomes for both mother and baby.

Part 1 - Awareness and Understanding of the Root Causes of Women’s Addictions 

Nancy Poole, PhD 

Part 2 - How Substances Disrupt Early Brain Development 

Amelia R Bachleda, Ph.D. 

Part 3 - Maternal Adversity and the Transmission to Babies 

Nicole Racine, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Part 4 - Harm Reduction in Pregnancy and Aftercare 

Suzanne D. Turner, MD, MBS, CCFP, DABAM 

Part 5 - Intervention for Substance Involved Mothers and Infants 

Amanda Lowell
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