FLI Module 4 - Service Planning and Co-Ordination

FLI Module 4 - Service Planning and Co-Ordination
As professionals work toward improving the lives of children and their families, they are faced with the challenge of becoming distracted from what is in the “best interest” of the child. Similarly, practitioners within the field of child protection, often find themselves in a conflicted relationship with parents at the very beginning of the service planning process.

This module walkds the reader through one of the most valuable tools to guide the work with families - the service or treatment plan. The process by which service planning is done sets or resets a positive “tone” for the process and purpose of the relationship moving forward. If a service plan is utilized to its fullest potential, issues related to ‘best interest’, clarity in goal setting, evaluation of outcomes, and what constitutes healthy relationships, can be addressed more effectively.

The Hospital for Sick Children, IMHP
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