Nurturing the Seed

Nurturing the Seed
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Building on the Hand in Hand Model, Nurturing the Seed  is a Developmental Support Planning Model for Working with Indigenous Infants, Children and Families.  This resource provides an introductory cultural context for non-Indigenous practitioners to better understand key issues faced by Indigenous families today, and suggestions for strategies to support early mental health and development.

The Hand in Hand Developmental Support Planning Model (DSP) provides individualized plans which are developed by helping professionals for families to monitor and support the growth of a child in key areas of child development, namely: communication, problem-solving, personal-social, gross motor and fine motor, based on western theories of child development.

As the Hand in Hand model began to be used in communities, Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) became more actively engaged with Indigenous stakeholders and families. We learned that while the purpose and intent of Hand in Hand align with the beliefs and needs of Indigenous stakeholders and families, if we really wanted to in order to respectfully engage them and support their children in culturally safe ways, we needed more culturally relevant information and tools.

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