FLI Module 3 - Nurturing Parent-Infant Relationships

FLI Module 3 - Nurturing Parent-Infant Relationships
We know that children are born relationship ready. The first relationship, be it with their parents or other caregiver(s) is crucial to the development of the child. When that relationship is compromised due to challenges with a parent’s capacity and/or ability, the impact on a child’s short- and long-term social-emotional and cognitive development can be profound.

This module will focus on parenting and will provide a glimpse into the complexity of effective relationship building. Building on the information provided from the neuro-scientific research (Module 1) and the discussion of attachment theory and trauma (Module 2), this module will focus on: understanding the major factors related to parenting capacity; how different parenting structures present unique risk factors for children under three; the therapeutic benefits and/or limitations that exist for parents whose children are in need of protection; and the impact of placement options on the development of infants and toddlers.
The Hospital for Sick Children, IMHP
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