FLI Module 1 - Infant Mental Health

FLI Module 1 - Infant Mental Health
Awareness and acknowledgement surrounding infant mental health remains obscure to most. The term infant mental health is essentially foreign to the general population. “There are many who would argue that the most disadvantaged in any society are the stigmatized mentally ill” (Herrman, Saxena, & Moodie, 2005, p. 234). Although there has been a concerted effort by many organizations and individual youth and adults to educate the public at large about mental health, including de-stigmatiz- ing this seemingly abstract concept, only recently has it really come into public view.

This module will explain how it is through relationships with caring, consistent, secure, and protective adults that the human brain develops in response to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive experiences in their world. The mechanism of this relationship-dependent feature of infants and young chil- dren is described, and how its ripple effect crafts the foundation of development in every single realm over a lifetime.
The Hospital for Sick Children, IMHP
(IMHP), The Hospital for Sick Children
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