A Simple Gift

A Simple Gift

The Simple Gift videos have been widely used by parenting groups, home visitors and others to present well-researched information on attachment and emotion regulation to parents in practical easy to understand format. Each video presents clear examples of different caregiver responses that could be either helpful or potentially harmful, and encourages positive ways to interact with young children to foster healthy relationships and emotional development. The videos and illustrated parent guides contain clear language and are suitable for caregivers from many cultures. The professional guides provide theoretical information on which each title in the series is based as well as practical strategies an tips for administering the videos to parents.


This resource includes French language version and resources.
La version française et les ressources sont incluses.


Now available as a Complete 3 - Disc Set
Updated and improved to include:
All three titles in English and French (voiced and captioned for accessibility)
and PDF/ Print-Ready Resources
Illustrated Guides for Parents
2 Page Summary Handouts (in English and French)
Professional Guides (in English only)

This collection is widely used by parenting groups, home visitors, and others to discuss important ways for parents to support early mental health and promote positive parent-child interactions, and is a valuable addition to any resource library. 




Infant Mental Health Promotion, Diane Benoit, Susan Bradley, Rhona Wolpert
(IMHP), The Hospital for Sick Children
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