FLI Module 5 - A Push Toward Permanence

FLI Module 5 - A Push Toward Permanence
Given that the first three years of life is a time of unparalleled development, the issue of permanency becomes of the utmost importance. While these children need stability for healthy brain development, and/or for repair to their affected development, their environment and social location puts them and their future at risk. These babies and toddlers are exceptionally vulnerable to the lasting effects of maltreatment, which includes neglect.

This module will discuss the fundamental needs of infants and toddlers for permanency planning. The focus for child welfare workers will be on:
• the benefits to infants and toddlers of faster, more comprehensive and better informed decision-making;
• the  negative  outcomes,  both  short  and  long  term,  when  decisions  for permanency for infants and toddlers are delayed or prolonged; and
• the variety of long-term options available that best support development and/ or developmental repair in infancy and toddlerhood.
The Hospital for Sick Children, IMHP
(IMHP), The Hospital for Sick Children
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