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FLI Module 3 - Nurturing Parent-Infant Relationships

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We know that children are born relationship ready. The first relationship, be it with their parents or other caregiver(s) is crucial to the development of the child. When that relationship is compromised due to challenges with a parent’s capacity and/or ability, the impact on a child’s short- and long-term social-emotional and cognitive development can be profound.

A Simple Gift

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The Simple Gift videos have been widely used by parenting groups, home visitors and others to present well-researched information on attachment and emotion regulation to parents in practical easy to understand format. Each video presents clear examples of different caregiver responses that could be either helpful or potentially harmful, and encourages positive ways to interact with young children to foster healthy relationships and emotional development.

Webcast - Expanding Horizons Symposium B - Therapeutic Approaches

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Symposium B - Therapeutic Approaches for Supporting Early Mental Health
Expanding Horizons for the Early Years Pre-Institute, April 10, 2019 

Webcast - Expanding Horizons - Keynotes

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6 Keynote presentations from the April 2019 event to integrate into professional development activities.

Webcast - Expanding Horizons - ALL Recordings

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Both Workshop Webcasts and Keynotes (3 Days)