Sleep Discussion Guide

Understanding Infant Sleep in the First Year: A guide to inform conversations with expectant and new parents. Photo of a cute baby sleeping.

Establishing a sleep routine for a baby is a process that may change many times as the baby grows and their needs change – which is an important aspect of development for parents to understand. 

IEMHP has some clear points to guide the discussion. 

Following an IEMHP rounds presentation with Dr. Robyn Stremler (see video below), it became obvious that there was a need for clear and consistent messaging for practitioners to use with families when discussing the topic of sleep.

An ad-hoc committee was struck and we are pleased to share this Discussion Guide for Practitioners to clarify what science tells us about sleep during the early years and how we can support families during this time.

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Understanding Infant Sleep in the First Year: A Guide to Inform Conversations with Expectant and New Parents

WATCH the presentation by Dr. Robyn Stremler here.