Comfort, Play and Teach

cpt-with-images_Web.jpgWith Comfort, Play & Teach, the science of early childhood development is translated into activities and experiences that are practical, easy-to-understand and easy to do to help you support your child’s development. You’ll find these activities at every developmental stage. Knowing your child’s typical skills and her emerging skills can help you provide appropriate experiences to enhance her development. And Comfort, Play & Teach™ is just the place to start.

Each child develops at their own pace, with some skills emerging early, and others appearing later. So delight in who your child is, and discover how you can have fun as you go through each stage of this amazing growth together. Parents are their child’s first teacher, and will benefit from discovering strategies for stimulating their child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn.  Parents will find that as their collaboration with educators and other care providers becomes stronger, so does their child’s enjoyment of exploring new experiences and possibilities for learning. 

Comfort, Play & Teach was developed to communicate what developmental science tells us about key strategies in parenting.

comfort-word.jpgParents provide comfort to their children through words, physical presence and touch. Comfort is more than relief from distress.  When it is provided with overall warmth, responsiveness and sensitivity to children’s wide-ranging interests and needs, it is strongly related to infants’ forming attachments to their parents and to toddlers’ willingness to accept parents’ guidance and requests.  

Play-Word.jpgis the "work of children" and parents are an essential play “partner”  for their children.  When parents play with their children, they learn to explore and discover the world and their role in it.

teach-word.jpg is how parents help their children learn, both intellectually and interpersonally. When parents teach their children, they learn communicate, solve problems and how to relate to others.   

Compelling research evidence consistently emphasizes that when parents comfort, play withand teach their children in a positive manner it enhances children’s development.  This report documents the major academic research specialties that lend credence to the importance of "comfort", "play" and "teach" as a critical combination of parenting strategies.

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CPT Resources

Available as reference for typical and emerging skills as well as wide range of great activities to include in a DSP.

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