IEMHP has developed a range of resources to support best practices for enhancing infant and early childhood mental health practice.
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Competencies Checklist

This model presents key information and recommendations for professionals on Competencies necessary for providing high-quality infant and early mental health services.

A Call to Action on Behalf of Maltreated Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers in Canada 

This document is designed to equip practitioners with accessible scientific evidence on the importance of the early years for long-term mental health and developmental outcomes, that can be used to advocate for improved policy and practice for children at risk.


A subscription newsletter that provided information on infant development, research, interventions, and resources for very young children and their families. IMPRINT is no longer in production but past issues are available for member access.

Comfort, Play & Teach Resources for Parents and other Caregivers

Knowing a child’s typical and emerging skills can help you provide appropriate experiences to enhance development. Comfort, Play & Teach is just the place to start. The science of early childhood development is translated into activities and experiences that are practical, easy-to-understand and easy-to- do to help you support a child’s development. You’ll find activities for every developmental stage.

Topic Briefs

IEMHP has developed the following briefs to introduce key topics to inform practice in the field of infant and early mental health.

  • Infant and Early Mental Health
  • Summary of Development from Birth to Five Years
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Infants and Young Children
  • How Does My Mental Health Affect My Baby
  • Understanding Infant Sleep in the First Year - A Discussion Guide

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A Simple Gift: Video Series

These teaching materials present information on infant development, attachment and parent-child relationships in an easy to understand format. These award winning videos are now available in both French and English with a range of printable content including 2-page handouts for parents, now available in several languages.

Family Law Initiative Learning Modules

These modules will explain how it is through relationships with caring, consistent, secure, and protective adults that the human brain develops in response to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive experiences in their world. The mechanism of this relationship-dependent feature of infants and young children, and how its ripple effects craft the foundation of development in every single realm over a lifetime is described in detail, as well as how child protection practitioners can embed knowledge to support early mental health in practice.