Research and Innovation Initiatives

IEMHP is proud to support communities in practical research endeavours to better understand the state of care for infants and young children in Canada. We are pleased to partner with Public Health Agency of Canada, Kids Brain Health Network, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child & Youth Mental Health, multiple Indigenous communities, and others.             

Community Tables

IEMHP has completed 20 tables that document infant and early mental health services in communities, and identify opportunities to strengthen and grow services and resources. While originally funded by Public Health Agency of Canada, communities are now invited to request this service to convene a table with IEMHP's support.

COVID-19 Survey of Families

In coordination with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, Kids Brain Health Network at Queen’s University, and Children First in Windsor, this winter, IEMHP undertook a brief survey of Canadian parents/caregivers on their experiences with accessing services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 2,000 responses were received and the data will soon be shared with the public.

Nurturing the Seed

Nurturing the Seed is a resource any practitioner can use to create a developmental support plan for a child while waiting for more intensive services. Currently, Public Health Agency of Canada is funding an evaluation of this resource in 7 Indigenous communities across the country. Part of this work will include the creation of a coaching model to complement the training IEMHP provides to communities.

Care Pathways in Infant and Early Mental Health

Care pathways guide children and families to, through and out of care ensuring that they are matched with the best services, at the right time and in the most appropriate format for the family. In collaboration with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, and in partnership with community-based, cross-sectoral groups of professionals, IEMHP coordinates and pilots a series of workshops that focus on services and supports for young children from birth to age 6, and aim at unravelling the care and service pathways that can be developed to support infant and early mental health in these pilot communities.