Expanding Horizons 2023 Coming Soon, Pre-Institute April 26, 2023, Full Institute April 27 to 28, 2023, location is Pan Pacific Toronto Hotel, Canada.

Stay tuned - exciting updates on registration, speakers and concurrent sessions coming soon!

The IEMHP Expanding Horizons National Institute on Infant and Early Mental Health invites practitioners, researchers and communities to submit proposals and participate in a collaborative process that aims to increase competency, confidence and capacity.

The Institute’s structure and organization is based on IEMHP’s Competency Framework and Competencies Checklist, which highlights the importance of the rich and diverse streams of knowledge and skills that are essential when working with infants, young children and their families. All practitioners will benefit from this event which will showcase promising and emerging practices in the field of infant and early mental health and family wellness.

This unique and interdisciplinary event offers practitioners, researchers, and communities the opportunity to promote and celebrate their own work, while sharing and learning from others. Practitioners can expect to leave the Institute having a better understanding of:
  • what factors influence and how to promote infant and early mental health;
  • how to consider effective and innovative evidence-based research, practices, programs, resources and tools into their practice and;
  • how to incorporate new and existing knowledge into policy and practice.