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HEADS-ED Mental Health Screening Tool - Follow up and discussion

Recorded June 16 2020

With presenters Dr. Mario Cappelli, Senior Clinician-Scientist at the Ontario Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Clinical Investigator, CHEO Research Institute Professor of Psychiatry; Dr. Ashley Radomski, Post-doctoral fellow, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health; and Joel Schryer, Program Manager, Mental Health and Quality Improvement, Children First - Windsor

The HEADS-ED mental health screening tool was initially developed for use with children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 years presenting to the Emergency Department. It has since been adapted and used in a variety of settings including youth mental health walk-in clinics, centralized intakes, and most recently to facilitate care pathways between primary care and community-based mental health services. A new version of the tool has been developed for use with children under age 6. Early years mental health providers provided feedback on the initial version of the tool during a previous session with IMHP. The HEADS-ED Under 6 is now being validated by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health in collaboration with Children First in Windsor. The presentation will provide:
  • A brief background of the HEADS-ED
  • An overview of the use of the HEADS-ED in primary care (Primary Care Pathways project)
  • The adaptation of the HEADS-ED for children under 6
  • Preliminary results from HEADS-ED under 6 validation study
  • A discussion of how primary care providers can support infant mental health.
  • Progress update of a scoping review on the multidimensional mental health and developmental screening tools for children six years of age and under.

  HEADS ED Community Consultation and Discussion

Recorded December 11 2018
Speaker: Mario Cappelli, Senior Clinician Scientist, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child & Youth Mental Health, CHEO



Recorded December 14 2017
Presenter: Robyn Stremler, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Director, PhD Program, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing


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