Presenter Highlight - Connie Lillas


Connie Lillas, PH.D.,MFT, RN
is Director, Interdisciplinary Training Institute; National Graduate Zero to Three Fellow; Co-author, The NeuroRelational Framework (NRF)

The NRF is a knowledge translational framework, translating brain science into clinical practice. The NRF’s curriculum provides a developmental care approach that is trauma-informed, neurobiologically sensitive, and integrated with cultural awareness.

Dr. Connie Lillas is an infant mental health and early intervention specialist, with a strong background in maternal-child nursing, family systems training, and developmental psychoanalysis. Viewing the birth to five year span as the foundation for mind/brain/body health, she presents a complex approach to assessing and treating infants, young children, and their parents.

Dr. Lillas is the Founder/President of the non-profit, NRF Global Communities. NRFGC houses the NRF Training Manual for cross-sectored communities that are using the NRF’s three clinical steps to build a common language and shared approach across systems of care.

Areas of Expertise

With a long-established private clinical practice, Dr. Lillas services all ages across the spectrum—from birth to five-year-olds, to latency-aged children, to teenagers, to adults. She has co-authored a professional scholarly book with Dr. Janiece Turnbull named, Infant Mental Health, Early Intervention, and Relationship-Based Therapies:  A Neurorelational Framework for Interdisciplinary Practice, as part of the W.W. Norton series on “Interpersonal Neurobiology.” The original series editor was Dr. Dan Siegel, with Dr. Allan Schore being the current series editor. Additionally, she is a National Graduate Zero To Three Leadership Fellow, recognized as having made an innovative contribution to the field of infant mental health and early intervention.

Dr. Lillas will be presenting a Full Day Pre-Institute Workshop on April 26th

Child’s Developing Brain and the Impact of Trauma Across the Lifespan: An Introduction to the NeuroRelational Framework (NRF)

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