The early years have a unique and formative impact on development, relationships, and functioning throughout life.  The literature on early childhood development overwhelmingly confirms that poor parenting, abuse and neglect in the first three years of life have profound and devastating effects on brain development and emotional functioning.  These infants soon become the children in our school system and may already lag behind their peers.  These children are also more vulnerable to a host of health and emotional problems throughout their lifespan including depression and addictions.  When there are identified risks and disorders in young children or in family functioning, well planned and evidence-informed intervention can promote optimal outcomes.  The science is clear – early experiences in the first three years impact the architecture of the brain – this impact can be life-long and profoundly positive or negative depending on the quality and consistency of the experiences.  

This training program aims to increase knowledge about infant mental health among all staff within community-based agencies in order to affect a cultural shift among agency staff, to empower individuals to be agents of change in their roles and to ensure that every child served by their organization has access to the best mental health outcomes possible.

The inclusion of infant mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment as a key focus of practice within community based health and/or social service organizations will lead to enhanced:

  • Understanding of just how critical early mental health is for a child, a community, and society at large;
  • Understanding of risk and protective factors that contribute to early mental health and development;
  • Promotion of infant mental health practices within a community agency that can be shared with families and other community agencies;
  • Integration of practices that focus on the prevention of infant mental health trauma;
  • Embedding of screening practices to identify when a child may be experiencing poor mental health in the first three years of life; and
  • Integration of interventions, policies and practice that can be provided to a child who is experiencing poor mental health or at risk of experiencing poor mental health within the community.

Training Format

Each participating organization would purchase a license which allows all staff within an agency to access the training which will include:

  • 15 training sessions, (Jan. – July 2018), 2 hours per session (approx. 30 hours total)
  • Options to view sessions in person, by live interactive Webcast, or archived recordings.
  • Each Archived Webcast recording will be available approximately 1 week following each live broadcast, to access the training at your own pace, in team meetings or individually for 2 full years (until 2020).
  • Access to session notes, slides, and applicable handouts.


After initial license purchase by the participating agency/ site, unlimited participants from that agency may register as a GUEST at no additional cost in order to gain access.

REGISTRATION OPTIONS and FEES (choose the best option):

Individual Registration 
IMHP Member $ 270     Non-Member $ 350


This 15 part training program aims to raise awareness and understanding of the unique needs of infants and toddlers in order to promote healthy social emotional development in the early years and reduce the likelihood of poor mental and physical health outcomes in the later years.  

This training is an effective and economical way to integrate Infant Mental Health learning and practice into continuing professional education and staff engagement events. 

License for Agencies that provide direct services to families
(Unlimited participation for all agency staff)
IMHP Member $ 1,750  Non-Member $ 2,500

License for Small Membership driven Organizations (2 – 50 users)

(i.e. Incorporated organizations comprised of multiple agencies and or members, to be offered to members at no charge as a part of membership benefits)
IMHP Member $ 3,500 Non-Member $ 5,000

Unlimited License for Large Membership-based Organizations (50 + end users)

(i.e. Incorporated organizations comprised of multiple agencies and or members, to be offered to members at no charge as a part of membership benefits)
IMHP Member $ 5,000 Non-Member $ 6,500

For More Information on Training Format, Options and Session Details, please

Download the 2018/19 Infant Mental Health Community Training Program Brochure



One group license allows agency-wide access to the webcast recordings
until 2020!

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