At every hour of every day parents and caregivers are in a unique position to promote the positive mental health and development of the children in their care. It is the moments that are shared everyday that will shape who that child becomes.

Below is a series of information sheets for parents with everyday strategies for dealing with common topics and issues that arise during the early years. Each week we will post a new topic with information relevant to caregivers of infants and toddlers (0 - 36 months) and preschoolers (36 - 48 months).


Brain Development

Mental Health and Brain Development

Brain Building Activities

How Stress Affects Brain Development

Nutrition and Brain Development

Routines and Transitions

Maintaining a Routine

Transitioning Between Activities

Back to School Transitions


 Supporting Temperament

Understanding Aggressive Behaviours

Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

Building Empathy in Young Children

Children with Challenging Behaviour

Anxiety/ Self Esteem

What to Do When Your Child is Worried

How to Respond When Your Child is Upset

Building Resilience in Kids

How To Build Your Child's Self-Confidence

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem

Social Relationships

 Building Social Relationships

How Social Relationships Impact Learning

Introducing Competition to Young Kids


Parental Influences on Child Outcomes

Parent Involvement  

How Your Mental Health Affects Your Kids 

 Teaching Kids to Be Eco Friendly

 Your Parenting Style

School Readiness

 Play Contributes to School Readiness

Choosing Child Care/ Kindergarten

 Early Chilldhood Development
Physical Factors that Affect Child Development

How Nature Affects Child Development

Coping with Stress

 Coping with a Disaster

Coping with Financial Stress

Conquering the Work-School-Life Balance

How to Manage Parental Stress

How Parental Stress Affects a Child's Learning 

Responding to Babies When There is a Disaster

Language and Literacy

Beyond Books - Expanding Language through
Interaction and Play

Learning a Second Language

Finding Good Children's Books

What to Do if Your Child Struggles
with Language

Language, Literacy and Social Development

How the Brain Turns Language into Literacy

Seasonal Suggestions

 Preparing for Halloween

Enjoying the Autumn Season

Keeping It Healthy Indoors

Finding Balance During the Holidays

Preparing Your Child for Summer

Positive Travel Experiences

Fun Family Day Activities

Digital Media

How Parents Should Use Digital Media

How Digital Media Can Help Your Kids Learn

How Digital Media Affects Your Child 


The transitions when a child begins child care and school for the first time can be tough on the whole family.

These Survival Guides have great tips, checklists and information to help you all manage the new routines and making sure your child is ready for new learning adventures.

When Your Child Attends DAY CARE for the First Time

When Your Child Attends KINDERGARTEN for the First Time

Education Resources - LINKS


Enjoy the summer with your child! Check out these activities that support your child's development.

See the Summer Activity Chart for a list of all of the activities the Summer Activity Guide!

Awesome Art

Back to School

Beating the Heat

Dazzling Dinosaurs

Fantastic Food

Indoor Outdoor Games Galore

Noticing Nature

 Puppets Rhymes and Story time

Spectacular Outer Space