Knowing your child’s typical skills and her emerging skills can help you provide appropriate experiences to enhance her development. And Comfort, Play & Teach is just the place to start.

In this section on Ages and Stages, your child's developmental milestones are mapped out in the various domains of development (Social, Emotional, Language, Intellectual, Gross and Fine Motor). The Milestones are grouped by ages and outlining typical and emerging skills, and what you can do to promote development in those domains.

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Remember, the developmental milestones we have outlined are only guidelines. Each child develops at their own pace, with some skills emerging early, and others appearing later. So delight in who your child is, and discover how you can have fun as you go through each stage of this amazing growth together.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, consult your child’s physician.

Comfort, Play & Teach (CPT) materials have been created by experts through Invest in Kids and are jointly hosted by the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families and IMHP.