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IMHP Resources

IMHP has developed a range of resources to support best practices for enhancing infant mental health practice.

The Simple Gift series of videos  and other teaching materials present information on infant development, attachment and parent-child relationships in an easy to understand format. 2 page handouts for parents are now available in several languages.

The Hand in Hand Developmental Support Planning family of resources is full of activities and tips for caregivers to support social and emotional development during the early years, through the creation of a plan that is unique to the child and family. This innovative model of screening and interim service enhancement aims to provide caregivers with concrete strategies to support development where a risk for developmental delay has been identified.

With Comfort, Play & Teach Resources for Parents and other caregivers, the science of early childhood development is translated into activities and experiences that are practical, easy-to-understand and easy to do to help you support a child’s development. You’ll find activities for developmental stage. Knowing a child’s typical and emerging skills can help you provide appropriate experiences to enhance  development. Comfort, Play & Teach is just the place to start. 

IMHP Best Practices and Guidelines present key information and recommendations for professionals on Competencies, Core Prevention and Intervention, and Organizational Policies necessary for providing high quality infant mental health services.

IMPRINT - The Newsletter of Infant Mental Health Promotion - is a subscription newsletter that provides information on infant development, research, interventions, and resources for infants and their families. Past issues are available for member access.

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